Female PREMIUM Package

Painless and long lasting hair removal effect? The procedure of laser hair removal is the answer to your needs! Using the treatment you will easily get rid of hair for ever – and forget about ingrowing hair and painful skin irritations. If you want a comprehensive treatment, use our Female Comfort Package – check out what is covers!

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Laser Hair Removal – procedure and how to prepare for it

The procedure of laser hair removal consists in local exposure of skin cells to laser light. As a result, hair follicles get damaged, what unables the hair to grow back. This is why, after several sessions you will be able to enjoy perfectly smooth skin for a long time.

Laser hair removal will be conducted correctly if you take proper care of your skin before the procedure. First of all, avoid tanning and mechanical hair removal – with the use of electric device, wax or tweezers. Stop using creams and ointments containing retinoid substances, fruit acids or vitamin A and C, as well as photosensitizing medicines. Do not forget about hydrating your organism.


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