Female SOFT Package

Perfectly smooth skin every day, without daily shaving? It is possible – you just have to try laser hair removal! The procedure, consisting in exposing hair follicles to laser, is one of the most effective hair removal methods today. Do you want to get rid of hair from armpit and bikini area at the same time? Take a look at our Female SOFT Package and check out what is worth to know about it!

399 zł
458 zł

What is the course of hair removal procedure – Female SOFT Package

Laser hair removal- how it works? This is nothing more than targeted, local heating and destruction of hair follicles with the use of light beam – the effect is that hair is unable to grow back. Choosing Female SOFT Package, you will get rid of the hair from armpit and bikini area for a long time.

Apart from permanent hair removal, laser hair removal from the area of armpits, bikini and white line offers other advantages. It saves time and money. Moreover, using laser to remove hair eliminates the risk of missing particular hair, and at the same time ensures best possible effects.


photo of woman front and back armpits and bikini one treatment