Female COMFORT Package

Hair removal from the area of armpits, calves and thighs as well as bikini is daily routine for many women – smooth skin in these areas during summer season is almost a requirement. In order to remove the hair completely, choose hair removal treatment in the form of Comfort Package prepared especially for women.

699 zł
916 zł

Laser hair removal – Comfort Package

Comfort package for women covers the body parts from which the hair is most often removed, namelyarmpits, bikini area, calves and thighs. When hair is removed from those areas, our body appears more aesthetically pleasing and during summer time this allows to comfortably wear tops, shorts and bikini suit.
Female Comfort Package includes a single session of hair removal – the treatment allows to remove up to 30% of hair, what gives the effect of visible hair thinning. It is worth to repeat the hair removal after several weeks in order to remove the following hair, which entered anagen phase, also known as growth phase. 6-8 sessions is enough to make the skin smooth.


photo of woman front and back legs and armpits one treatments