Male PREMIUM Package

Thick, stiff and dark hair on the back of the neck, chest or shoulders is the problem for many men that gets especially annoying on warm days. There is an effective solution to the problem – Laser Hair Removal Premium Package for men. Using laser hair removal gives the best effects, if the treatment is repeated several times. Therefore, a package of laser hair removal sessions is the best solution.

6999 zł
12591 zł

Nine-month Package – Up To 9 Treatments

Men who were blessed by mother nature with dark and strong hair tend to reach more and more often for different hair removal methodsin order to avoid the effect caused by the hair growing out from beneath the shirt. Unfortunately, traditional hair removal methods do not give the same effect as laser hair removal – laser hair removal packages not only allow to remove hair but also make it never grow back again.

Offers addressed to men include, among others, treatments such as Minimum and Comfort Packages – hair removal in Premium version is much more comprehensive. That is why it is recommended to men struggling with annoying problem of excessive hair around entire body.


photo of man front and back whole body one year treatment