Male SOFT Package

Hair growing on neck, shoulders or back may cause a feeling of discomfort on a hot day. It may even make you lose your self-esteem. Those problems may be easily avoided with the use of laser hair removal in the form of Male SOFT Package. This is the most effective method of hair removal, which allows to profit from long-lasting effect of smooth skin.

2399 zł
3591 zł

9 treatments of hair removal

Our offer includes several types of packages, covering treatments for different body parts. Male SOFT Packageis a basic offer – hair removal Comfort and Premium Packages are more comprehensive, but all of them guarantee equally good results.

After you decide to use laser hair removal, select a package according to your needs. The SOFT version is designed for men who want to remove hair from areas such as back, neck, shoulders, and armpits. It covers a series of 6 hair removal sessions. This allows you to save time and makes you feel care-free and comfortable regardless of what kind of clothes you are wearing.


photo of man front and back shoulders back one treatment