Male COMFORT Package

Men often struggle with the issue of excessive hair, which grows e.g. on the abdomen, chest, or back area and causes discomfort as well as makes them look less attractive. Laser hair removal in the form of Male Comfort Package is the optimal solution – This offer is addressed to men who want to permanently remove all hair from 6 selected body parts.

3599 zł
6291 zł

Nine-month package – 9 treatments of laser hair removal

Male Comfort Package, similarly to Male Premium Package was prepared having in mind the men wanting to and effectively remove excessive hair. It covers a series of 6 sessions of laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal Comfort Package is addressed to men wanting to remove hair from the areas of back, neck, shoulders, chest,abdomen, and armpits. These areas covered with hair may result in lowering male self-esteem, which may be the case, especially during summer season.


photo of man front and back chest one treatment