Female PREMIUM Package

Calves, armpits or bikini areas are not the only body parts on which hair may grow. Removing hair with traditional methods takes a lot of time, and the effect is often only temporary – therefore, it is best to profit from the possibilities offered by Premium Package of laser hair removal. It is a simple way to achieve silky smooth skin!

6999 zł
12591 zł

Laser hair removal – packages in best prices

In case of service such as laser hair removal, package is the best solution. It is recommended for women, who want to get rid of hair from different parts of the body – packages with unlimited number of sessions cover a series of treatments, the aim of which is to eliminate any hair, what will in turn allow to forget about the need to regularly use razor blade or hair removal cream.

When it comes tolaser hair removal, packages are most cost effective, because their cost is lower than the cost of the number of sessions bought individually. Moreover, the decision to use this method translates directly into savings related to buying disposable razor blades, creams, performing regular hair removal with wax or sugar paste. In case of hair removal, a package of laser hair removal sessions is undoubtedly the best possible choice, a long-term investment.


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