Female SOFT Package

Armpits and bikini are both particularly sensitive areas of the body, often subject to hair removal. However, traditional hair removal methods do not guarantee desired effects and may cause skin irritation. Female SOFT Package 2 is a great way to successfully remove hair from those areas – in case of laser hair removal packages are cost effective offers allowing for comprehensive skin treatment.

2399 zł
3591 zł

Hair removal – treatment packages

Why is it worth to choose several treatment sessions instead of only one? In case oflaser hair removal, package covers a series of treatments and allows to remove all hair from various body parts. It gives the effect of smooth skin without the need to use any other hair removal methods.

Laser hair removal SOFT Package is designed for women who need basic hair removal. It covers a series of maximum 9 hair removal sessions of three body parts – armpits, bikini and white line.


photo of woman front and back armipts and bikini one year treatment