Female COMFORT Package

Removing hair from armpit, leg or bikini area with the use of razor blade or shaving cream is one of the most common beauty treatments performed by women on daily basis. Unfortunately, these types of methods give a short-lasting effect – in this case laser hair removal is the solution. Comfort Package is designed for women who want to use the laser and forget about embarrassing excessive hair.

3599 zł
6291 zł

Female Comfort Package for smooth body

In terms of hair removal – Comfort Package offers holistic solution – including such body parts as: armpits, bikini, calves, thighs, buttocks and white line. Hair growing in those areas often cause discomfort in women, who try to remove the hair with various methods, and always fail to achieve long-lasting effect of smooth, well-groomed and irritation-free skin.

In case of hair removal, the package including the above listed areas is a perfect solution for women who want to avoid similar inconveniences, who care for aesthetic appearance in every situation, and appreciate comfort. Hair removal sessionsare repeated until the hair stops growing back – most frequently this effect is reached after 6-8 sessions, but we offer You 9 treatments in nine-mounth package.

No method is more effective than laser hair removal. Package of treatment sessions for women is the way for thorough hair removal from key areas of the body, which simultaneously guarantees good mood and great look. Try our hair removal treatments – packages give you comprehensive solution at attractive price!


photo of woman front and back whole body one year treatments