Thigh hair removal

Removing thigh hair, which continues to grow back, is more problematic than shaving calves. The area of the thigh is larger and women often complain about dark thick hair appearing in unaesthetic and visible patches. The reason may be blamed at the hormonal imbalance among others. The only effective method for permanent elimination of stubbornly growing back hair is thigh laser hair removal.

189 zł

Thigh hair removal  permanently eliminates even 95% of hair

A couple of sessions of thigh laser hair removal is enoughto permanently eliminate excessive hair. Traditional and easy thigh hair removal procedures may be performed at home but they require:

  • frequent repeating,
  • patience,
  • resistance to burning sensation (e.g. upon ripping of waxing strip),
  • no allergic reaction to cosmetic products,
  • regular purchase of cosmetic products.

It takes from two weeks to two days for the hair to grow back. While thigh laser hair removal gives the effect of smooth skin forever and it is also safe for the skin.