Facial hair removal

Not only men shave facial hair. A female moustache is an embarrassing issue, which is the reason why women decide to undergo facial hair removal. The darker and thicker the tiny hair is, the more difficult it is to hide with the use of makeup or to remove through home methods. The methods are simple – who does not have tweezers or hydrogen peroxide at home – but rather ineffective. Female moustache stubbornly comes back. Only until it gets to meet with the laser.

189 zł

Facial laser hair removal – eliminates hair gently and permanently

Your skin is fragile? Removal of facial hairwith a laser is painless and gentle for thin skin prone to irritations. This is especially applicable in case of a small area around the lips. It is annoying to remove very small hair with tweezers. It is quicker to use a razor blade, which unfortunately stimulates hair follicles to produce new cells. As a result, dark tiny hair may expand to larger parts of the skin and it may grow longer. Using waxing strips is the least pleasant way of facial hair removal. That burning sensation after ripping off the waxing strip!

What is a common characteristic of pulling the hair out with tweezers, shaving with a razor blade and using waxing strips? First of all, very low efficiency. The tiny hair grows back sooner or later. Facial laser hair removal eliminates the hair permanently. How is it possible?