Male PREMIUM Package

Perfectly smooth skin on your shoulders? It is possible – learn more about the benefits of using Male Premium Package. Find out what area is covered by this procedure and enjoy smooth skin for a long time!

1399 zł
2451 zł

Male Premium Package– what is included?

Do you want to undergo a comprehensive hair removal procedure? Without a doubt, you will find Male Premium Package to your liking.  As it allows you to efficiently remove hair from the area of entire body – starting with back, through neck and shoulders to calves and ending with feet. You can discuss the details regarding the area during a consultation with our specialist before the procedure.

Have you decided to choose Male Premium Package? There is nothing more to do than to find a suitable date and make an appointment in the nearby beauty salon. You can book it without leaving your apartment – over the phone or online. You can visit our beauty salon and make an appointment onsite – at the same time you can get answers to any questions you have regarding the procedure.

Our offer includes other packages of laser hair removal, as well as separate sessions for particular body parts.  Undoubtedly you will find something that will fulfill your expectations.


photo of man front and back whole body one treatment