Male SOFT Package

How to get rid of the unwanted hair from the area of back, neck, and shoulder in a quick and painless way? Learn more about the benefits brought by hair removal included in our offer! Laser treatment is a method which ensures long-lasting effects and allows you to forget about regular shaving. Check what you should know about the subject!

399 zł
458 zł

Laser hair removal – packages designed especially for men

Male SOFT Packageis our basic offer – laser hair removal from the area of shoulders, arms and back are the treatment which are most often selected by men. The full area exposed to laser covers the body from buttocks to shoulders, area of neck, and back of neck, upper part of chest and arms together with elbows.
You must know how uncomfortable it is to remove the hair from the back of your body. Take care of yourself and do yourself a gift in the form of laser hair removal for men – you will without a doubt feel more comfortable!


photo of man front and back shoulders back one year treatment