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The area commonly known as linea alba, is a space between navel and pubic mound. This name is used in case of women, to describe a visible narrow strip of hair, which some of them develop in the middle of the abdomen, and which makes more or less the symmetric axis of the body. This hair is rather annoying, and in many cases traditional hair removal methods make the hair in this area grow back stronger and thicker.

Women who develop hair in this area most often remove it using traditional hair removal methods. As a result – they have to systematically perform traditional hair removal procedures, which give only short-lasting effect. In case of shaving with the razor blade – the hair grows back stronger and thicker, and a single procedure gives the effect which lasts only for couple days. The effects are similar in case of using different hair removing cosmetics, which result in chemical degradation of the hair. The results may last a bit longer in case of removing hair with wax or sugar paste, however this procedure also must be repeated one every several months, and what is more, for couple days before the procedure hair must be kept at the length of at least 1cm.

Laser hair removal is the most effective method of removing hair from the area of linea alba on the abdomen, after series of treatments you can enjoy a long-lasting effect for many years. It is also worth to use this method for economic reasons and because of the fact that this type of procedures is always performed, in a beauty salon, by a qualified personnel with medical or cosmetology diploma. In our beauty salon, laser hair removal in this area may be combined with hair removal from entire abdomen or performed in the form of separate treatment. It is worth noticing that the time of performing diode laser hair removal session in this area is very short, which makes it optimal method of getting rid of hair from the area of linea alba.