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The hair appearing on the side edges of the face, in the area of ears and close to hairline, which most of us want to get rid of – are called sideburns. Prominent sideburns were popular during the Romanticism, judging by the portraits of Wordsworth, but not anymore. Therefore, getting rid of sideburns is simply practical for women as well as men. In our salons price lists sideburns are not listed as a separate body part. Laser hair removal from this area is performed as a part of facial hair removal, which includes also removing excessive hair from chicks, area surrounding ears, popular moustache and chin.

Removal of hair from sideburns area is performed most often during a hair salon visit, when a hairdresser shaves excessive hair with a trimmer, what in turn makes the hair stronger. Irregular hair removal from this area results in the fact that women with prominent side burns often feel uncomfortable. Men remove sideburns during regular face shaving. Women, interested in removing hair from this area, sometimes reach for wax or sugar paste, what can cause skin irritation in area where treatment was performed. Reddening of the skin, resulting from plucking sideburns hair, is visible therefore it is worth to replace the method with long-lasting solution, meaning laser hair removal, which allows to get rid of annoying problem once and for all.

It is worth to notice that sideburns hair removal with diode laser is a very cost-effective method, which brings nothing but profits. It allows to get rid of unwanted hair at a relatively low price, as well as forget about the fact that the problem of this nature ever concerned you. Laser hair removal treatment does not take long, and a series of sessions of laser hair removal allows to enjoy a remarkable effect for many years.