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Smooth skin on the face is one of key female gender characteristics. In spite of that, in some cases a soft tinny hair which quite often covers skin area, gets darker with the course of time, mainly due to increased level of testosterone. Some women develop unaesthetic dark hair, which appears just above upper lip or in the corners of the mouth. This is nothing else than an ordinary moustache, which can be eliminated in our salons with the use of diode laser hair removal, also as a part of complete facial hair removal, which covers sideburns, area of ears, chin and cheeks.

There are various moustache removal methods available on the market, which allow to get rid of unwanted hair for a certain period of time. In case of shaving with razor blade or removing hair with special crèmes, the short hair just below upper lip and in the corners of the mouth may grow back even on the same day, on which it was removed. In case of waxing of plucking out with tweezers or sugar paste – the result in the form of smooth skin persists a bit longer. However, it is worth noticing that short hair which appears when the hair begins to grow back may be sensed when touching the skin surface with your fingers of finger tips.

Moustache laser hair removal is one of the most economic methods of removing excessive hair, which allows to save time and money and brings the comfort of permanently soft skin. Women, who struggle with moustache, gain a lot of self-esteem after the hair is permanently removed from this area. While in company, they no longer have to pay attention to avoid water or coffee drops staying on the hair surrounding the lips or search for a mirror to make sure that the hair is not yet visible and that nobody else will see it first.