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Chin is the area which men shave with the razor once every several days or even once a day. Hair in this area is socially acceptable in case of men, however beard appearing on female face — become a problem. In our beauty salons, laser hair removal from this area is combined with hair removal from entire face, the treatment covers removing excessive hair from the area of chicks, area of mouth (so called moustache), from sideburns and ears.

Removing chin hair with traditional methods is connected with the need to repeat the procedure quite often, what eventually leads to continuously checking whether the hair grew back yet or not. Women suffering from hirsutism–disruption of hair growth resulting in the fact that the hair appear in places where they would normally appear on male body– most often get rid of chin hair by plucking it one by one with tweezers. Sometimes wax or sugar paste can be used if hair do not grow separately but appear in patches. Women tend not to use razor blade to remove facial hair.

Due to the fact that it offers the comfort of permanent removal of hair, laser hair removal is the most comfortable and the cheapest method of hair removal available on the market. Low level of pain experienced during the procedure and the fact that a single session does not take much time makes it worth to invest in this method of hair removal to get rid of annoying hair. Chin laser hair removal is a perfect solution for people who appreciate comfort and want to obtain long-lasting effect of esthetic looks, without the need to use any further hair removing treatments or cosmetics.