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The treatment of facial laser hair removal requires precision and diligence. In our salons, treatment of facial hair removal covers moustache, chin, sideburns and remaining area of the face, excluding the area surrounding the eyes and eyebrows. Additionally, facial laser hair removal includes the area surrounding ears. In order to avoid the risk of reaching the effect opposite to intended, in case of facial hair removal it is indispensable to inform the person conducting the procedure from which face area you want to have the hair removed.

It is worth to bear in mind that the laser gives the best effects in case of dark hair, with high content of melanin in follicles. Face hair does not grow regularly, and before it can be removed with the use of laser, the surface of the skin which will be exposed to laser, must be shaved. Removing hair through shaving stimulates hair follicles to produce new cells, and in consequence it is possible that hair may appear in places where it hasn’t grown before. Shaving may have negative consequences, light colour and very short hair may be replaced with still light colour but a lot stronger hair. Therefore, in order to avoid disappointment, it is necessary to precisely indicate the area on which the treatment is to be performed, or to leave the hair on your face for the day of the treatment, so that the person conducting laser hair removal could asses which type of laser will bring the desired result.

twarz kobiety ze spiętymi ciemnymi włosami i delikatnym makijażem

Hair removal with the use of diode laser, in contrast with traditional hair removal methods does not cause skin irritations, that is why this type of hair removal is a good solution in case of thin and particularly delicate parts of the face, like primarily upper and lower lip and auricles. Skin in this area is particularly susceptible to irritations, that is why more and more people chooses facial laser hair removal as an alternative to popular methods of hair removal.

Applying diode laser constitutes a guarantee of obtaining a permanent effect of smooth skin without the need to use any other methods or cosmetics in the future. That is why this method of removing hair is an investment, which gives quick return, because just a couple of treatment sessions is enough to make a problem of excessive hair disappear once and for all.