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The area inside the ear is one of those areas where hair looks extremely unaesthetically. In our beauty salons we perform hair removal of this area using a diode laser. Ears, considering division of our body into different surfaces, are combined with the face surface. Therefore, if you decide on hair removal treatment of this area, you can get rid of hair from chicks, sideburnsupper lip and corners of the mouth (so called moustache) at the same time.

Hair removal from ears is usually performed by plucking it with tweezers. If you want to undergo laser hair removal of this area, remember that it is necessary to refrain from this kind of procedure for 4-6 weeks prior to the treatment. However, hair in the ears can be trimmed throughout the entire duration of laser treatment. In the case of this area, most of known methods of hair removal do not work. This area is too irregular to remove hair with shaver, wax, sugar paste or any other formulation commonly used in depilation.

It is worth to remember that laser hair removal is the most effective method in the case of dark, thick hair. Before you go to laser hair removal beauty salon for a series of treatments, it is good to have a cosmetology consultation, thanks to which you can make sure that in this case hair removal using this method will be effective. If you decide on laser hair removal, the hair will be removed permanently and the whole series of treatments will turn out to be a great investment that improves your future. Never again will you wonder whether there is a tuft of hair coming out from your ear in a given moment, which always looks unaesthetically, no matter if its owner is a man or a woman. If you struggle with the problem of excessive hair in your ear, laser hair removal is the best method available on the market.