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Male chest is one of the areas which are densely covered with hair, while it is very infrequent for women to develop visible hair in this area. Therefore, hairy male torso is more socially acceptable than female breasts that would be covered even with smaller hair. However regardless of sex – hairy chest is considered to be not very aesthetically appealing – in particular if hair is long enough to stick out from underneath the shirt or if it is visible under the fabric of the shirt. Excessive hair in this area, especially during summer moths may pose a serious problem, from esthetics point of view as well as for the reasons of hygiene and good self-esteem.

Significant number of men – as well as some women – is interested in effective removal of excessive hair from the area between neck and abdomen line. Procedures consisting in permanent removal of hair growing in the area of nipples are very popular. In contrast with other popular methods of removing excessive hair, diode laser hair removal does not cause skin irritations and does not expose the skin to the painful mechanical hair removal. Laser hair removal acts on the deep hair structures, and it is a noninvasive procedure at the same time. The beam of light reaches only as deep as 0.1 – 0.5 cm under the surface of the skin. This way of removing excessive hair may be, therefore, used even in case of clients whose skin is particularly susceptible to irritations. In our beauty salons, removing hair from the area of chest covers also nipple hair removal, what is of high importance in certain cases.

kobieta zasłaniająca ręką piersi

Chest laser hair removal covers several sessions, which are performed within defined periods of time, lasting from 5 to 6 weeks. The final result is complete removal of hair from this area. It is worth noticing that this treatment constitutes a perfect solution to the issue of particularly annoying hair. Effective and permanent removal of hair from the chest brings measurable benefits not only in aesthetic, but also in economic aspect. Although laser hair removal may seem to be an expensive treatment, it constitutes an investment which pays for itself in relatively short time, first of all because of the long-lasting effect of the procedure, and at the same time because of effective elimination of hair once and for all.