The main competitors of laser hair removal are wax treatments, electric hair removal or IPL devices. What makes laser hair removal stand out from the above mentioned competitive methods is the fact that the treatment with the use of LightSheer DUET laser gives long-lasting effects.

Waxing is a very popular method offered in almost all beauty salon. However, it has multiple disadvantages including the facts that the procedure itself is highly painful and it must be performed regularly in order to achieve and maintain the desired result. In addition, in some cases waxing can cause a severe skin irritation and lead to ingrowing hair which in turn cause additional skin problems. The advantage of waxing is the affordable price of single treatment session. However, in the long-term (for example the period of 2 years) the cost amounts to around £1,000. This is a large sum of money spent over a longer period of time (not to mention the pain one has to suffer during every visit) but taking into account the one-off nature of the visits this is not often significant to the clients. The method of removing hair with an electric hair removal device is very similar to the waxing technique. The electric hair removal device pulls hair outand it should be noted that the desire to keep the skin smooth at all times requires consistent use of such a device. Similarly to waxing, this method of hair removal is also painful and involves similar risks of developing skin irritation and problems with ingrowing hair.

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IPL is a method that is very often confused with laser hair removal. Nothing could be further from the truth! An IPL is NOT a Laser, it is a xenon lamp with a diffused light beam that DOES NOT act selectively on the targeted hair, but instead targets the surrounding skin. As a result, the effectiveness of the treatment decreases along with the increase in pain level and risk of developing skin irritation after the treatment! The cost of the treatment is lower when compared with laser hair removal – it is around £180 for the entire treatment performed within 3 weeks span. In the perspective of 2 years, it gives up to £2,160 – however, this sum DOES NOT GUARANTEE the permanent hair removal. Typically, the hair returns to the original state sometime after the treatment is finished.

Laser hair removal is currently one of the most effective methods of hair removal. The latest laser technology embodied in the Lumenis LightSheer DUET lasers, which are used in our beauty salons, uses r 810nm beam that selectively destroys the hair, thus allowing us to achieve long-term effects of hair removal. The price is higher compared to other hair removal methods; however, a series of treatments guarantees the effect of beautiful and smooth skin, without further need to spend money on disposable razors, waxing or electric hair removal devices. A series of treatments for the whole body for a period of 2 years costs around £1,000 – it is THE SAME AMMOUT which would be spent in case of WAX METHOD!

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