What to do and what do not after treatment? We answer

kobiece nogi na tle fotela przykrytego białym ręcznikiem

We strongly recommend; YOU SHOULD NOT:
  • tan your skin (please use creams with UVA and B filters with protection factor 50)
  • use exfoliating cosmetics
  • use creams with acids such as A, C vitamin
  • use products containing St. John’s wort and calendula
  • remove hair using tweezers, wax or electric hair removal device
  • go to swimming pool or sauna 3-5 days after the treatment session due to the risk of developing skin irritation
  • use deodorants and antiperspirants immediately after the treatment session
We strongly recommend; YOU SHOULD:
  • Be gentle with you skin. 2 to 3 days after the procedure, use a non-alcoholic skin cleaning products, milk or gel, which are also soap free.
  • Be gentle when drying the skin with the towel and avoid rubbing or irritating the skin in any other way
  • Choose powder instead of deodorants or antiperspirants

Next treatment session should be performed after the laps of 4 to 12 weeks.

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