Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a light of LightSheer laser to remove unwanted hair. Here is how to prepare for it.


kobieta siedząca na fotelu zabiegowym w gabinecie w białej bieliźnie

  • 6 months before the first treatment session you should stop taking any oral administered retinoids
  • 4-8 weeks before each treatment session you should not remove any hair using tweezers, wax or electric hair removal device. You can continue to shave, trim your hair or use hair removal cream (however you should stop using cream at least 1 week before a laser hair removal treatment).
  • 4-6 weeks before the epilation session, limit your exposure to the sun and stop using tanning beds, tanning lotions or any other artificial tanning methods
  • 4 weeks before the laser hair removal treatment session, do not use any ​​creams or ointments with vitamin A, vitamin C, fruit acids and retinoids on the area which you want to have treated
  • 1 week before the laser hair removal treatment session, stop taking photosensitive (phototoxic, photoallergic) and herbal medicines (St. John’s wort, calendula)
  • 1 week before the laser hair removal treatment session stop using cosmetic products with exfoliating properties (e.g. peeling/scrubbing)
  • 1 week before the laser hair removal treatment, if needed, you can use cosmetics products that will hydrate your skin, as the treated skin surface cannot be dry or irritated.
  • 1 day before the treatment session, carefully shave your hair with the razor and leave a small patch of hair unshaved. This unshaved area will be “Patch tested” to assess the colour and thickness of the hair by the Laser Therapist
  • On the day of the treatment session wash the skin, but avoid creams, lotions or deodorants

Please note! Laser hair removaltreatment sessions on bikini area are not performed during the menstrual period. Moreover, increased soreness is usually experienced in case of treatment sessions performed just before the planned date of menstruation.