Hair removal treatments with the use of LightSheer DUET laser are non-invasive and completely safe under the condition that we strictly follow the list of recommendations applicable before and after the treatment.

When making a decision to undergo alaser hair removal, remember that the skin should not be excessively dry or irritated, as this may not only increase the level of pain experienced during the procedure, but also aggravate the pre-existing skin irritation. In order to properly prepare the skin, it is recommended to use emollients one week before the treatment session i.e. strong moisturizing agents.

In case of individuals on retinoid oral therapy (i.e. Izotek) a break of six-month from the end of the therapy is required before the first session of Laser hair removal treatment. In addition, any medicines or antibiotics that have a photosensitizing effect, as well as herbs such as St John’s wort or calendula must be discontinued at least a week before any laser treatment session.

Laser hair removal treatment sessions should not be performed in case of:

  • Implanted pacemaker,
  • Dermatological skin diseases,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Breastfeeding,
  • Any form of cancer,
  • Any form of active infection such as: herpes, bacterial or fungal lesions. Epilation can be done once these infections have cleared.
  • Fresh tan. This applies to effects of natural tanning (exposure to sun), tanning beds and bronzing balms. The high content of melanin in the skin can not only reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, but also aggravate the swelling and skin irritation. The treatment is the most effective when the skin has its natural tone and the tan has faded.

Moreover, individuals should remember to discontinue using methods consisting in pulling the hair along with the hair bulb (wax, tweezers, electric hair removal device) for a period of at least 4 weeks before the laser hair removal procedure.

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Laser hair removal treatment is most effective on thick, dark hair. When performed on light, red or grey hair laser hair removal is not as effective as one might want. For all those who struggle with the ingrowing hair or suffer from skin irritations and edema of intimate as well as other body parts as a result of ingrowing hair will finally, thanks to laser therapy, be able to get rid of the hair  which cause the problem as it grow at the wrong angle. Laser hair removal is a chance to say goodbye to the problem of ingrowing hair, for good. It is worth keeping in mind that in the cases of minor skin irritations or redness the laser hair removal session can still be performed.

Laser hair removal is a perfect solution for people suffering from excessive facial hair. The laser beam penetrates inside the skin into the melanin and the deeper layers of the hair. Due to the fact that the laser “cannot see” light skin, it is a perfect solution to be used on sensitive body parts such as face, intimate parts or around nipple area.

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