Laser hair removalis an aesthetic procedure which allows to get rid of unwanted body hair. There are of course few alternative options out there. Although laser is more effective, discouraged by the possibility of experiencing pain, many people decide to use simpler, more traditional methods of hair removal, attempting to achieve the long desired effect of smooth body, in easy and pain-free way.

Todays the market of hair removal offers various different practices, some of them are also performed in our beauty salon. If a traditional shave is not enough, you can try to remove unwanted hair with cream, wax, electric hair removal device or even profit from professional services offered in the beauty salon and eventually decide to permanently remove unwanted hair with Laser hair removal treatment. Each of these methods have their own pros and cons, but the overall advantages of hair removal itself cannot be underestimated for simple aesthetic as well as hygienic reasons.

kobieta podczas nakładania kosmetyku na ramię

Hair removal cream

For those of you who are afraid of pain and find Laser Hair removal too expensive, hair removal cream will be a great alternative. This fast, pleasant and painless method of hair removal gives much longer effect than a classic shaving. It uses strong chemical substances to dissolve keratin and what in turn allows to remove the visible part of the hair. This damage to the hair follicles, disrupts the life cycle of the hair and significantly inhibits its growth, thus gradually reduces number of unwanted hair and makes it weaker. The hair which grows back is thinner and weaker. Despite its popularity, there are some formulas which may cause skin irritation. It’s worth knowing what we use on our body; which chemicals are used as ingredients of the products, and how they react with the skin. Of course, this rule applies to every product! But especially to creams which are designed to be used on the delicate areas such as face and intimate parts. To remove hair from moustache or bikini area it is recommended to use formulas which contain large quantity of soothing substances, such:

  • allantoin,
  • orchid extract, which additionally has nourishing and softening effect,
  • urea, which prevents hair ingrowth,
  • moisturizing extracts, for example from melon, aloe and silk proteins,
  • antioxidants, which contain a complex of vitamins: A, E, B-5.


The strips soaked on one side with warm cosmetic wax are another popular method of getting rid of unwanted bodily or facial hair. In case of sensitive areas of the body or areas which may be prone to bursting capillaries, cold wax strips can be used instead. With one simple, quick move, this method of hair removal gives the skin a smooth, silky effect for about 4 weeks. Regular use of this particular method of hair removal makes hair bulbs grow back thinner and thinner with each and every session. Modern wax formulas are enriched with caring, soothing substances such as oils, vitamin E. They also should be free from dye in order to reduce the risk of skin irritation, especially in case of sensitive skin.

Cream or Wax – Which one to choose?

Although wax is just as popular as hair removal creams; and although it does provide the same long-lasting effect, statistically in the fight against the unwanted body hair we tend to use wax a little less frequently. This is mainly because of 2 biggest disadvantages: painfulness of the procedure and increased risk of skin irritation. Apart from the obvious, because of higher number of contradictions to wax method people tend to opt for hair removal cream treatments. For example, waxing is not recommended for minors under the age of 16, during pregnancy or in case of suffering from varicose veins. In some cases, it is worth to consider replacing wax with hair removal cream, especially when planning hair removal in the following areas:

  • face and chin (acne-prone skin, acne),
  • armpits,
  • intimate areas

Smooth body for longer

In order to keep the skin smooth for a long time, without too big number of hair removal treatment sessions and increased risk of developing skin irritation, you can delay the growth of new hair. This can be done by using innovative hair removal creams and lotions, which contain extracts from exotic plants such as Larrea Divaricata, following to hair removal. Such substances, when used regularly, prolong the effect of smooth skin up to a week.

Regardless of the hair removal method you decide to use, it is worth to select high quality products specially designed for the method of treatment, this is how you can be sure you provide the skin with adequate protection. It is also worth to remember about the mandatory skin aftercare. Appropriately selected cosmetic products soothe and calm skin irritations, keep the skin sufficiently moisturized, nourished and hydrated thus preventing the skin from peeling off and allow to  regenerate faster.

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