Male hair removal has its fair share of supporters and critics among women and men alike. Until very recently, only sports athletes practicing bodybuilding or swimming would undergo hair removal. However, currently more and more men, in the pursuit of hygiene and well-groomed appearance, want to have smooth body not only for their partner, but also for themselves. The growing interest in hair removal from armpit, chest, back and intimate areas forces many men to undergo the hair removal treatment in the privacy of their own home with the use of more traditional methods. Following this new trend, an increasing number of beauty salons includes hair removal treatments for men into their offer.

Hair, to remove or not to remove?

Actually, today the answer to this question becomes rather obvious! Although some men still consider epilation to be a feminine practice, there is no doubt regarding the fact that hair removal helps men to maintain desired level of hygiene and avoid unpleasant smell. In the end, even a gentleman brakes a sweat. Male skin is generally covered with bigger number of hair than female skin, and as male hair is much thicker, it requires specialized care. Men are also much more likely to suffer from hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). This is mainly due to the size of the apocrine glands coexisting with hair, sebaceous glands and physical activity level, which is much higher than in comparison to women. This applies to all body part where hair grows, but it is particularly true for armpitsand intimate areas. Numerous sebaceous and sweat glands, located in the skin of the groin, combined with the physiological secretions create ideal conditions for the development of microorganisms and bacteria responsible for infections and unpleasant odours. Hair removal is therefore an effective way to eliminate this problem, maintain healthy skin and  professional appearance.

leżący mężczyzna podczas zabiegu depilacji laserowej pleców

Hair removal for Men – mechanical shave

A shaver is by far the most popular method of hair removal for men. Regardless of whether you use disposable razors or electric shavers to trim or completely remove the unwanted hair this method is quick, convenient, painless, and most importantly – very practical! The main advantage of this method is that it can be performed at home, in the privacy of one’s own bathroom during a shower or a bath. Moreover, the method works for every part of the body, including the areas which are hard to reach. However, the main disadvantage of this method is the fact that, unfortunately, the hair grows back very quickly and a characteristic, sharp regrowth becomes visible, in some cases even within one day! Electric hair removal devices for men usually give better effect. It can be used on every body part giving the effect of smooth skin and peace of mind for up to 4 weeks. Specially designed heads allow to easy remove hair together with the hair bulb, even from sensitive areas.

Hair removal for men- waxing

‘For the effectiveness of the procedure, it is crucial to understand the difference between male and female hair removal’ – says a specialist in hair removal for man working in London, at We do not hide the fact that more and more gentlemen pay attention to their appearance. The popularity of waxing among men is growing year after year. The method, although not pleasant, gives a longer lasting effect than shaving (about 4 weeks), due to the fact that the hair is removed together with the hair bulbs. It should also be emphasized that over time, the hair which do grow back become weaker and thinner. This tendency reduces the level of pain associated with the procedure, as well as psychological discomfort associated with the anticipation of the pain and anxiety of the next treatment. Wax epilation is also the best method for removing hair from inaccessible areas, like the back or buttocks. It is also highly recommended to men who want to feel comfortable and do not want to waste time on body care every day. Hair removal with sugar paste is less painful alternative to waxing.  The effects of using sugar paste are almost equally long lasting (2-3 weeks). The procedure involves less risk and is ideally suited solution for sensitive skin, as well as for men struggling with the problem of varicose veins.

A Boyzilian

A Boyzilian is the hair removal from male intimate areas. It consists in removing all unwanted hair from the scrotal and rectal areas. The treatment is the male equivalent of the Brazilian hair removal destined for women (which is associated with complete removal of female pubic hair). One may ask, “Do man need to remove pubic hair?” And the answer is that it dependent entirely on the individual preferences of the individual. However, it is a fact that this type of treatment enhances level of hygiene, especially in case of physically active men who, for example, practice sports on regular basis. The best effects of a boyzilian are achieved by waxing, laser hair removal or IPL hair removal device. Please keep in mind that these treatments should be performed by a specialist in a professional beauty salon and ensuring appropriate level of discretion.

Hair Removal for Men – Laser

Only a laser offers the long-lasting effect of hair removal. Men, who choose this type of hair removal, usually go for the whole-body treatment. Because of the dark colour of hair, the treatment proves to be highly efficient. Moreover, removal of hair growing in intimate areas with the use of laser is preferred by men more often than waxing. The beam of laser, which targets the dye, penetrates the skin and reaches into the hair follicle destroying the bulb irretrievably therefore inhibiting hair growth. The disadvantage of laser hair removal is definitely its price. The procedure is cyclical in nature, 6-8 sessions are required. Because each skin responds in an individual way, the level of pain experienced during the procedure and irritations which be develop on the skin vary depending on the individual.