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  1. The main advantage oflaser hair removal over traditional methods of removing unwanted body hair is, primarily, its effectiveness.
  2. Another advantage is the long-term saving in terms of time and money. This mainly results from the fact that laser hair removal sessions can be performed less frequently, in comparison with traditional hair removal methods, to achieve the same result.
  3. There is no more need to spend money on disposable razors, depilatory creams or wax. Likewise, we do no longer have to regularly use the services of beauty salons.
  4. A series of treatments should be enough to get rid of unwanted hairs.
  5. What is also very important to our clients, is that currently laser hair removal is far less painful than traditional methods! The LightSheer DUET Laser has a Chill Tip (a cooling tip), thanks to which the treatment can be quite pleasant.
  6. The diode laser light waves are uniformed and act exclusively on the targeted hair, without harming the surrounding skin.


The effect of laser on the hair follicle is based on the principle ofSelective Photothermolysis (STPL). In this process a beam of light emitted from the Laser is absorbed by the structures of the hair follicle which contain melanin. The laser energy is converted into heat which is in turn conducted towards the hair bulb. Over time it heats up to a point when the elements of the hair’s structure that are responsible for its growth get destroyed. To put it simply, it causes hair loss through destruction of the hair follicle. The principle of Selective Photothermolysis (STPL) is the most effective on hair in the anagen (growth) phase, so the timing of each session is extremely important in order to maximize the results of each single Laser Hair removal session.

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However, Laser Hair removal treatment is not very effective in the following two phases of the hair’s growth cycle. The Catagen (transition) phase is the phase in which the hair bulb separates from the blood supply and moves upwards. The hair follicle shrinks rapidly, and the production of melanin  stops at this stage, and therefore laser radiation is no longer able to reach hair matrix. The laser beam that reaches the hair in the Catagen phase is very weak and thus not strong enough to destroy the hair. The last part of the growth cycle is the Telogen (resting) phase, in which the hair decays and it is slowly separated from the skin surface. In this phase laser hair removal is completely ineffective. Being aware of the low effectiveness of laser hair removal during catagen (transition) phase and telogen (resting/shedding) phase we recommend to repeat the procedure (3-6 treatment sessions) at regular intervals every 4-8 weeks. Individuals with thin and/or light colour hair must keep in mind that the results of Laser hair removal treatment in their case may be less visible than the results of the individuals with thick, dark hair. This is caused by the fact that laser is simply less effective in case of thin and/or light-coloured hair due to the low levels of melanin contained within the hair follicle.