Some time ago I decided to try laser hair removal. Before making final decision and bookingmy first visit I read a lot about the topic, and I wanted to know more about various aspects of laser hair removal treatments. My attention was drawn to one of the Beauty Salons in London which offered first armpit laser hair removal session for free. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see how the treatment is performed and what would be the initial effects of that first session. My adventure and my fight against unwanted hair started just there.

Before my first appointment in one of the beauty salons, I received detailed instructions on how to prepare for laser hair removal. It is very important not to use moisturizing substances or deodorants on the day of your appointment. Additionally, one week before the planned procedure, one should stop taking any light sensitizing agents (e.g. St. John’s wort) and give up skin peeling. However, on the other hand the skin should not be excessively dry, as this may increase skin irritation after the procedure. Before the first session the hair should be carefully shaved, apart from a small patch which should be left unshaved so that the Laser Therapist performing the procedure could assess the thickness and colour of the hair in order to select the appropriate laser settings.

kobiece nogi podczas zabiegu depilacji laserowej

Laser hair removal procedure, how does it look like?

Before my first armpits laser hair removal procedure I had a detailed consultation and laser patch test, what effectively excluded any reasons for which the procedure may have been unsuitable for me. Afterwards we proceeded with the treatment part, which, thanks to the large head of theLightSheer lasertook only 4 minutes! The vacuum system successfully reduced sensations of pain and discomfort. In comparison with standard waxing hair removal or use of electric hair removal devices the laser hair removal turned out to be painless, in my opinion! After performing the treatment on my skin, the Beauty Therapist applied a soothing ointment that effectively reduced any redness which occurred. After I came back home, I almost forgot about the treatment as the area that was subjected to laser was not red and not irritated at all, I simply went back to my daily routine.

First effects of laser hair removal

I noticed first effects 2 – 3 weeks after the first session. To my surprise, I was already seeing some results, roughly a reduction of about 20-30%. How was this possible, I wondered? The laser beam penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the melanin found in the hair follicle; so the more melanin in the thicker, darker hair the more effective the laser hair removal gets. The laser destroys the part of the hair which is responsible for its growth, and this is why the laser hair removal treatments can bring such long-term results.

The next step for me was the decision to start the adventure with my bikini area. I was always annoyed with the multiple irritations and redness that appeared after using a disposable razor. Plus, I was always a little scared when using a razor on such a sensitive area, because of the risk of causing myself A LOT of pain in case of a cut. The laser hair removal was performed rather quickly, after 10 minutes it was all over. Sensations? The cooling system of the small laser head really did the job and reduces the sensation of heat and needles stabs in that area. This surprised me a lot. I have gone through the whole procedure without any problems, and now, after completing 6 treatment sessions, I can enjoy smooth and beautiful skin.