Laser hair removal consists in permanent removal of hair. Before starting to fight against such unwanted element of our skin as hair, it is worth to learn more about the construction of our “opponent” and understand how its life cycle influences the effectiveness of the treatment.

Each hair on our body consists of two very important elements: the hair shaft and root which is hidden deep inside the skin and surrounded with a bag commonly known as a hair follicle. Another significant element of hair structure, is bulb, which contains elements of the matrix responsible for hair growth. It is located on the bottom of the follicle and is a living part of the hair. Melanin (the pigment) is produced by cells called melanocytes, which form a part of the matrix.woman legs on white cover

Hair has different life span depending on the body on which they grow. Hair growth cycle can be divided into the following stages: growth (anagen), transitions (catagen)and resting (telogen). Laser hair removal works on the hair in the growth phase by destroying the hair follicle together with the bulb and the matrix. The duration of the growth phase, depending on the organism, may vary from 6 to 12 weeks and has a key impact on the effectiveness of laser hair removal. The more hair in growth stage, the more effective the treatment.

Catagen covers the transition phase, during which the hair bulb separates from the blood supply and moves upwards. The hair follicle shrinks rapidly, and the production of melanin is stopped at this stage. Therefore, laser radiation is no longer able to reach into the hair matrix. The laser beam that reaches the hair in Catagen is very weak and is not sufficient to completely destroy it. The effect of laser therapy at this stage of growth is limited to heating up the follicle.

The last part of the growth cycle is the resting phase (telogen), in which the hair decays and it is slowly removed from the skin surface. Laser hair removal during this phase is completely ineffective.

In order to check what is the structure of your hair and how it will react to the laser beam, beauty salon located in London, Birmingham or Manchester we prepared a unique offer; a patch test that will help to determine how suitable a particular person or type of hair are to the treatment. This is a great way to find out how much hair will be removed after the first treatment. In addition, we have free consultations with a cosmetologist on the first visit.

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