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Bikini area belongs to one of the most fragile and delicate parts of the body, it is especially prone to developing skin irritations. This fact, in connection with the intention to limit or eliminate amount of hair in this area may be a reason of frustration. Pubic hair – in case of women as well as men – is normally strong and long-lasting, and moreover it tends to grow very fast. The area of mons pubis and male private area are both delicate, what in turn results in the fact that many traditional methods do not only lead to numerous skin irritations but also are not highly effective. Please note that laser hair removal, which allows to permanently eliminate hair from bikini area is not performed on testicles and penis. Bikini hair removal, in case of men and women, covers groins meaning internal parts of thighs as well as area just below lower end of abdomen. In our beauty salons, bikini hair removal covers also removing hair from the area between buttocks.

Hair removal from private areas often makes us embarrassed and uncertain of the effectiveness of hair removal from this area. In contrast with commonly used hair removal methods consisting in mechanical plucking of hair together with the follicle or regular trimming, laser hair removal allows for effective and permanent elimination of the problem of re-growing hair. Laser treatment aims at destroying internal structure of the hair, what prevents hair from growing back after couple of sessions.

dwie kobiece dłonie oparte o wewnętrzną stronę ud

Regularly repeated shaving and trimming of hair performed in private part area may make the hair grow back quicker, as the hair itself gets thicker and stronger and develops tendency to in-growing. Pubic hair is often darker and stronger than the hair in armpit or arm area, what results in the fact that popular hair removal methods are not one hundred percent effective in this case. Laser hair removal is most effective in case of thick and dark hair, rich in dye, what is a perfect solution in case of intimate area. Although the cost of single session of laser hair removal performed on selected part of the body is significantly higher than the price of traditional solutions, like popular shaving or removing hair with the use of hot wax or electric device, in the perspective of several years laser hair removal turns out to be more cost effective to get rid of unwanted hair. The effectiveness of the treatment eliminates the problem of excessive hair as well as the need to repeat any hair treatments in the future, this is a significant economic advantage of this method of hair removal.