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Arms laser hair removal, performed in our salon, covers elimination of excessive hair from the area of forearms, beginning from the top part of hands (wrists) and going up to the top of the elbows where the shoulders begin. Men as well as women choose to remove hair from this area. Removing hair with the use of diode laser is particularly effective in case of customers with very dark and dense hair. Although skin in the area of arms is relatively strong and resistant to mechanical damages, hair removal performed with various methods available on the market may result in skin irritations in the form of pustules, folliculitis or redness – this is particularly the case for mechanical hair removal such as plucking out with the use of wax or sugar paste.

tułów kobiet ze zgiętymi rękoma dotykającymi brody

Effective alternative to traditional hair removal methods is to remove excessive hair with the use of diode laser which is characterized not only with high effectiveness but also allows to obtain permanently smooth skin, on which hair will no longer appear after a series of treatment is performed. Taking into account the above, arms hair removal with the use of diode laser is gaining popularity among women, as well as men who want to once and for all get rid of the problem of thick, dark hair on their arms.

In contrast with a series of other methods of removing excessive hair – laser hair removal is very effective in case of getting rid of dark, thick hair which contains significant amounts of melanin group dye. This type of hair may appear on male as well as female arms, in case of elevated level of testosterone.

Using laser hair removal requires performing several sessions at a precisely determined time intervals. After the sessions are performed, the problem of excessive hair disappears forever. It is worth to bear in mind, that due to the fact that not all the hair grows according to the same phase, it is required to keep brakes between treatment sessions. Only this will allow to eliminate even up to 95% of follicles. Performing treatment sessions in longer or shorter brakes than 4-6 weeks may have adverse effect on the effectiveness of the treatment, that is why it is worth to precisely follow the agenda set up by the person performing the treatment and systematically execute a series of sessions in a beauty salon.